Information About Canoes


A canoe is a kind of light vessel, usually pointed from both of its ends. Due to its lightweight, it can freely float in the water. There are various kinds of places in both Europe and Some of the parts of Asia that it is being used for the purpose of traveling from the water. It is operated by a paddler with a single blade, and as the blade is taken in one direction, the canoe moves into the opposite direction. The evolution of canoes has taken place over time and it is being manufactured with various kinds of materials instead of wood. These include aluminum, plastic, fiberglass etc.

Uses and Culture of Canoe
There are various kinds of users that canoe offers. It was used by sailors in the ancient period to travel across the sea in search of nearby areas or towns. It is used in Canada and France for depicting their identity. It used to be printed on the Canadian silver dollar for a greater period of time. It came to culture after European sailors came to know that a lightweight material can help them in crossing sea easily and this canoe can be made by hand as well. There are various ancient cultures in our history, which has used the canoe for the purpose of traveling through the sea and reaching to new towns and cities. In various travel oriented cities like Dubai, the canoe is used for taking tourist on a ride with minimal fees; moreover, these are government sponsored services in that particular region.

Use in Sports
It is frequently used in sports as well in various parts of the world. There is a sporting event in Kerala, India, it is called Malabar river festival, where people of different community sits on a big canoe and sprint for a win. Sprint canoe is also being played in various countries around the world. Under this game, the person who became the paddler has to kneel down. This is done to use a single blade paddle. It is also used as water boats to surf in even the highest of tides. Marathon is also played by canoe, though there are certain regulations for this game that the weight of canoe can be more than 10 to 14 kg. Canoe gives a better and effective balance on water for a longer duration; this is the primary reason that it is preferred in sports.

Therefore, it can be said that canoe has been a very useful and effective invention for humans. The humans have used it for the purpose of sailing in the water to playing an interesting sport with the same. The use of canoe by various kinds of people around the world for the purpose of their work, hobby, passion etc. has created a reputation for the canoe. It is also being used to surf in water and play with high tides, though it involves risk because of the lightweight of a canoe and high tides, it is still a very useful tool for risk takers to fulfill their hobby and passion of surfing or water boating.